Nature’s Rest Latex Mattresses – Spring Air Canada

Nature’s Rest is 100% committed to Quality, Consistency and your Comfort! Our Sleep Systems are designed to make a physiological difference in your sleep. We use premium quality materials, fabrics and processes to ensure you have superior comfort. In the spirit of excellence, every piece is inspected and handmade by devoted experts that take pride in their craft.


Our highest craftsmanship and skill will take your rest to the next level of perfection with luxurious wool. This high-quality wool makes Nature's Rest mattresses:

  • Moisture & temperature regulating
  • Fully hypo-allergenic
  • Have superior support & pressure relieving

Commitment to Nature

Nature's Rest Latex Mattress is made from the sap of a Heava tree, making it one of earth's greatest sleeping achievements. Plus, because of its unique construction, it breathes well, allowing you to be cooler at night.

Talalay Latex

Because Talalay Latex is made from the sap of the Heavatree, Nature's Rest mattresses reach ideal pressure distribution, reduce noise, balance energy return, and are exceptionally durable.

Nature's Rest mattresses are Making it a top mattress brand in the world!